Buchanan James - The Atrocity in Wichita

Author : Buchanan James
Title : The Atrocity in Wichita
Year : 2003

Link download : Buchanan_James_-_The_Atrocity_in_Wichita.zip

Most Americans think Wichita is a fairly safe place to live aside from the occasional tornado. They see the state of Kansas as a mostly White place with relatively few social problems. Kansas however has the same racial problems as every other state in America. The people of Kansas are a bit naive compared to the residents of New York and Los Angeles. Perhaps some of them actually believe all that diversity propaganda about all the races living in harmony. This naive attitude may have led to one of the most horrendous crimes in American history, the Wichita Massacre. Only one major news outlet, Newsmax, has bothered to give any attention to this case as two death penalties were announced. (Ref. 1) If this torture-murder spree had been committed by Whites against Whites, the trial would have been front page news and the announcement of the death penalty would have been a major headline. If the crime had been committed by Whites against Blacks, we would have heard it on the news every single day of the trial. Hate crime charges would have been filed on day one, and White people in general would have been endlessly condemned for being "intolerant and hateful." But because the perpetrators were Black and the victims were White, the liberal mass media has quietly buried this story as something that might harm "diversity." The incident began when two Blacks, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, broke into a triplex shared by three White men, who had two girlfriends over that evening. (Ref. 2) The details of how the Blacks got in are not clear. Did they knock on the front door and then push their way in with guns drawn after one of the victims foolishly opened the door? Most White people in Chicago for example would not open the door for Blacks. White people living in Wichita have grown up ignorant of Black crime, and the news media makes sure they stay that way. Perhaps these White men didn't have guns in their home because they accepted all the anti-gun propaganda, which claims "only the police should have guns." Someone should send a note to the liberals that the police somehow failed to show up that night. The result was an evening of torture, rape and degradation until the two Blacks took the victims out to a snow-covered field and fired a bullet at each person's head. One web site (Ref. 3) devoted to publicizing this atrocity reports "The four friends who died were: Jason Befort, 26, an Augusta High School science teacher and coach; Brad Heyka, 27, a director of finance with Koch Financial Services; Heather Muller, 25, a St. Thomas Aquinas preschool teacher; and Aaron Sander, 29, a former Koch employee who had decided to become a priest. The fifth friend, a 25-year-old woman, survived. To get help, she walked nearly a mile, naked and bleeding from her wounds, through snow and subfreezing temperatures. Her identity is being protected because she was the victim of a sex crime. The surviving victim and Jason Befort were planning to get married soon. But Jason never had the opportunity of placing the engagement ring he had just purchased on her finger. It was discovered and stolen by the intruders." As if this act of extreme brutality were not enough, the same web site notes "Judge Rebecca Pilshaw warned them, and everyone else in the courtroom, that 'the less that is said about these things, the better it will be for all parties involved.' Judge Pilshaw continued, threateningly: 'I don't have the ability to order a lot of other people to do or not to do certain things, but I am going to make a very, very strong suggestion that people not talk about this.'" So the deaths of four White people at the hands of Blacks should not be talked about. Does this despicable liberal judge realize that these four White people DIED because they were ignorant about the danger posed by Blacks? If White people were told the truth about interracial crime and if they knew that Blacks commit 1.5 million violent crimes against White people every year, then maybe they would not have become victims that evening. Judges like Rebecca Pilshaw and the liberal mass media, which edits out news of Black crimes against Whites, are responsible for naive attitudes among Whites that make them easy victims for the most horrendous crimes. How will the executions of these two Black murderers affect crime? Well, consider the fact that each of these Black murderers already has children. Their genetic tendency to rape and murder has been passed on to a new generation of Blacks. The four White people murdered never had a chance to have children. (As if the mass murder were not enough, a fifth White person was murdered by the same two Blacks earlier that week.) The one woman, who survived, was infected with a sexually transmitted disease by her Black rapist. If the disease is of the incurable kind, this innocent victim will suffer physically as well as mentally for the rest of her life. Many rape victims have trouble readjusting to normal relationships. She may never get married or have children thanks to her Black tormentors. ...

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