Carr William Guy - The Conspiracy

Author : Carr William Guy
Title : The Conspiracy To destroy all existing Goverments and religions
Year : 1955

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In 1796 John Robison, Professor of Human Philosophy, and Secretary of the Royal Society, Edinburgh, Scotland, published documents which had been entrusted to his care by members of Weishaupt's Illuminati while he had been touring Europe prior to the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789. Robison was a high degree Mason. It was for this reason he had been entrusted with the secret documents. He had them in his possession for a considerable time before he read them. When he had finished, he realized they were a copy of Weishaupt's revised version of the Age Old Luciferian conspiracy and an explanation of how he intended to use the members of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati to drive it through to its final goal which is control of the First World Government to be established and the imposition of the Luciferian ideology upon the Human Race by despotic Satanism. John Robison's publication was entitled 'Proof of a Conspiracy to Destroy all Religions and Governments in Europe.' The information contained in it simply confirmed what the Bavarian Government had published under the title The Original Writings (Protocols) of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati' in 1786 and what Zwack had also published under the title 'Einige Originalschriften.' The Bavarian Government sent copies of Weishaupt's plan to use his recently organized Illuminati to destroy all existing governments and religions to all the heads of Church and State prior to the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789. But the warning was ignored. The fact that the Illuminati have had the power to maintain their identity and intention to enslave the Human Race, body, mind, and soul, as a secret has enabled the conspirators to develop the conspiracy to its semi-final stage. The purpose of this article is to tell how the conspiracy was developed since 1798 to the present time. We also expose the details of the blue print drawn up by General Albert Pike, 1850 to 1886, to carry it to its conclusion. Weishaupt was Professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University when he revised, and modernized, the age old Luciferian conspiracy to prevent the Human Race from establishing God's plan for the Rule of Creation upon this earth so that they could ultimately impose the Luciferian ideology upon the Goyim (human cattle) by means of Satanic despotism. From 1770 to 1776 he was financed by the newly organized House of Rothschild in exactly the same way as those who direct the Illuminati's activities today are financed by the Tax-Free Foundations established for that purpose by such multi-millionaires as the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Fords. The Bavarian Government discovered Weishaupt's conspiracy when, in 1786, God struck one of his couriers dead by a stroke of lightning as he rode through Ratisbon on his way to Paris. The police found a copy of the revised version of the conspiracy in transit to members of Weishaupt's Illuminati who had been charged with the responsibility of fomenting the Great French Revolution. This first major project, leading to the ultimate destruction of all governments and religions, was scheduled to break out in 1789. Weishaupt's plan is extremely simple. He organized the Illuminati and then formed the Grand Orient Lodges to infiltrate the Illuminati into Blue or European Masonry, using the Lodges as their secret headquarters. Thus the conspirators could operate under the cloak of philanthropy. Weishaupt never intended that any except specially selected Masons, from the Higher Degrees, should learn 'The Full Secret.' Only those known to have defected completely from Almighty God were initiated into the Higher Degrees of the Grand Orient Lodges and told that the Illuminati were a secret organization with the order dedicated to the cause of forming a One World Government—in some form—the powers of which they intended to usurp so they could impose their ideology upon mankind: the worship of Lucifer. Weishaupt stated this action would ensure permanent peace and prosperity. Only initiates into the final degree were permitted to know that the Luciferian Ideology was to be imposed on the Human Race by Satanic despotism. As will be proved, only the adepts of the Final Degree are initiated as High Priests of the Synagogue of Satan; they worship Lucifer as opposed to our God whom they name Adonay. The plan the Illuminati put into effect is to use monetary and sex bribery to place influential people under their control. They then use them to further the Illuminati's secret plans. Youths belonging to well-bred families with international leanings are also selected and sent to private schools where Illuminists indoctrinate them with international ideas and then train them so they qualify to fill positions in politics and religion as 'Specialist', 'Experts', and 'Advisors'. The Illuminati then use the wealth, power, and influence of the members to place their 'Agentur' in key positions behind the scenes of all governments'financial, industrial, educational, and religious activity. They then mold policy so that it fits in with the Luciferian plan to promote wars and revolutions on an ever increasing scale. Weishaupt stipulated that the Illuminati should organize, finance, direct, and control Communism, Naziism, and Political Zionism to facilitate the Illuminati's task of dividing the world's population into opposing camps in ever increasing numbers. This policy of Self-elimination was to continue until only Communism and Christendom remain as world powers. When this stage of the conspiracy is reached the Illuminati are to provoke the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known and the Goyim controlled by atheistic communists and those who profess Christianity are to be kept fighting until they have slaughtered each other by the tens of millions. It is during these world wars that the devil reaps his richest harvest in souls. This wholesale slaughter is to continue, while the Illuminati, their millionaire friends, scientists, and agentur relax in safety and luxury in preestablished self-contained sanctuaries (Southern Florida, the West Indies, and islands of the Caribbean Seas), until both sides have been literally bled white and become absolutely exhausted physically and economically. They will then have no alternative but to accept a One World Government as their only hope, The Illuminati will then usurp the powers of that government and crown their leader king-despot of the entire world. Then and not until then, the Synagogue of Satan (who always have and do now control all subversive organizations) will, by universal manifestation make known to the Goyim, for the first time, the true light of the pure doctrine of the Luciferian Doctrine and impose the luciferian ideology upon what remains of the Human Race by means of Satanic despotism. Thus we see that the issue is not temporal and materialistic as those who direct the conspiracy would have us believe. We are involved in a continuation of the Luciferian revolt against the supreme power and authority of Almighty God whom the Luciferians name Adonay. We are taught about the infinite goodness of our God but we are kept in ignorance of the fact that the Luciferian revolt started in the celestial world we call Heaven because Lucifer challenged the supremacy of Adonay on the grounds that his plan for the Rule of the Universe was weak and impractical because it was based on the premise that all lesser beings could be educated into knowing him, loving Him, and serving Him, out of respect for His infinite perfection. Lucifer claimed that the only way to rule the entire universe is to establish a totalitarian dictatorship, and enforce the Will of the Dictator with absolute despotism. The word Universe as used by those who have accepted the Luciferian ideology in this and other celestial worlds, means The Totality of existing things including the earth, the heavenly or celestial bodies, and all else throughout space. One cannot understand this all important subject unless he knows the whole truth. We must know the Luciferian ideology as well as the Scriptural history of the struggle which has gone on through the ages of time in this and other worlds between God and Lucifer to decide which plan for the rule of creation will finally be put into effect. Unless we know the whole truth we cannot decide by our God-given gifts of an intellect and free will whether we wish to accept God's plan and love, serve and obey Him for all eternity or literally go to the devil (Lucifier). The purpose of those who direct the Luciferian conspiracy is to prevent the masses—The Goyim; the Human Cattle—from knowing the whole truth because they know that if we did we would automatically accept God's plan. The Luciferians therefore rely upon their ability to lie to and deceive those they plan to enslave body, mind, and soul, into believing anything but the truth. That is the reason Christ referred to the Synagogue of Satan, who direct the Luciferian conspiracy upon this earth as 'Sons of the Devil, whose lusts ye shall do. He was a murderer from the beginning. He knows not the truth because the truth is not in Him.' We must also remember that the words 'Synagogue of Satan' do not, repeat not, mean the Jews because Christ also made it perfectly clear that the Synagogue of Satan 'Are those who call themselves Jews, but are not, and do lie.' The Synagogue of Satan is composed of men and women of many nationalities which have their origin in Cain, Eve's son. My knowledge of the Luciferian Creed has been acquired by reading all the literature I could obtain dealing with the subject and by reading and studying translations of the writings of his Eminence Caro y Rodriguez, Cardinal of Santiago, Chile. I pass on that knowledge in order that you may decide the issue one way or the other. The Luciferian Creed teaches that Lucifer was the brightest and most intelligent of the Heavenly host. His power and influence were so great that when he challenged the power and supremacy of God (Adonay) he caused a vast number of higher ranks of celestial beings to defect from God and join him. Among these was Satan, the eldest son of Adonay. According to the Luciferian belief, St. Michael, the Archangel, is Satan's brother, and the younger son of Adonay. The Luciferian teachings admit that St. Michael defeated those who had espoused the Luciferian Cause in Heaven. This started the eternal enmity between Satan and St. Michael. According to the Luciferian teaching, 'Hell' is the word used to designate the celestial world to which God banished Lucifer and the more intelligent of the celestial beings who had followed him of their own free will. According to the Luciferian Creed, God (Adonay) decided to give those creatures He considered had been deceived into joining the Luciferian revolt, another chance. He therefore created other worlds including this earth and inhabited them with the less guilty who had defected from Him in heaven at the time of the revolt. He made them in His own image and likeness inasmuch as they were bodies infused with the spiritual light of sanctifying grace. In appearance they looked the same as Christ when he permitted Peter, James and John to see him transfigured. God introduced these fallen angels to the new worlds by a method of birth which deprived them of personal knowledge of their previous existence. He endowed them, however, with an intellect, and gave them the use of a free will. Their minds were so constructed that they could receive inspirations from the celestial world both from those who remained faithful to God and those who had joined the Luciferian Cause. Those on trial are intended to sort out these inspirations by using their intellect. The body puts the decisions of the mind into action. All bodily actions must be either positive or negative. Every bodily action is recorded in 'The Book of Life.' The individual thus decides his eternal future; by his bodily actions he proves if he has accepted God's plan for the Rule of the Universe or Lucifer's plan. The results are either 'Good' or 'Evil'. According to the Luciferian Creed, Lucifer made Satan 'Prince of this world' at the time of its creation. His task was to cause our first parents to defect from God (Adonay), and to prevent their progeny from establishing His plan for the Rule of Creation upon this earth. This creed also teaches that God walked in the Garden of Eden (Paradise) without parents instructing them regarding His plan and His way of life. Up to this point there appears no great difference between the teachings of the Luciferian Creed and the Holy Scriptures; the difference begins to appear from the time Satan arrived on the scene. The Luciferian Creed teaches (to the initiates of the lower degrees of the New Palladian Rites, as organized by Albert Pike— of which more later) that God (Adonay) is a jealous and selfish God; He withheld from our first parents knowledge of the pleasures of sexual intercourse—the secret of procreation—because He wished to reserve these pleasures for Himself. This is of course the lie. God simply postponed making His will regarding procreation known to our first parents until He had thoroughly tested their honesty, integrity and obedience, to make sure they were reliable enough to be entrusted with the secret, and worthy enough to perform that holy and sacred function which would give others a chance to accept God's plan for the rule of creation. ...

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