Charles Robert Henry - The testaments of the twelve patriarchs

Author : Charles Robert Henry
Title : The testaments of the twelve patriarchs
Year : 1908

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Preface. The many laborious years of study of the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs see at last their close in the present volume. The labour involved has been very great, at times indeed oppressive, but it has not been without its own compensations ; for the toil has been frequently lightened by the joys of discovery, and the task of research has been often one of sheer delight. The pleasures of foxhunting are not to be compared with those of the student in full quest of some truth, some new fact showing itself for the first time within his intellectual horizon. But to return. Many of the problems arising from our text had hitherto been wholly unattempted, or else had been wrongly solved in the past—in large part owing in earlier years to the lack of documentary authorities, and in later years to the large demand on the scholar's time that the mastery of these would have entailed. Short but valuable contributions and suggestions have recently been made by Schnapp, Conybeare, Kohler, Gaster, and Bousset, and not a few of the conclusions arrived at by these scholars have been confirmed by my own investigations. ...

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