Cincinnatus - War ! War ! War !

Author : Cincinnatus
Title : War ! War ! War !
Year : 1984

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THE TRAGIC TRUTH by Eustace Mullins. Cincinnatus concluded his epic "War! War! War!" with his prophesy that if Roosevelt was re-elected in 1940, it would mean that we would become involved in World War II. Cincinnatus hoped that Wendell Willkie might be elected, and avoid that prospect. He was right about Roosevelt's re-election, but too optimistic about Willkie, who represented the same sinister forces of international banking, the Brotherhood of Death, as did Roosevelt. It was not Roosevelt, but Willkie, who wrote "One World," the blueprint for the new world totalitarian order. Ironically, Willkie died as a result of his association with the greatest mass murderer of history, Josef Stalin. To further Willkie's worldwide camapign for the permanent enshrinement of terrorism, the U.S. government outfitted a converted Liberator B-24 bomber for his wartime junket. He was accompanied on his tour by a named Communist, Joseph Barnes. During Willkie's visit to Russia, Good Old Joe personally ordered that he be provided with a buxom guide. This well-trained agent introduced Willkie to high-altitude aerobatics during their flights in Russia, and Willkie irreparably strained his heart. He died after returning to the States. Like World War I, World War II had no discernible political or economic origins or goals. Once again, the white nations marched their young men onto the battlefields for profitable slaughter. The only new development was that in World War II, political commissars now accompanied the troops to the front lines, vigilant to punish any expression of doubt or lack of confidence in the rear echelon Marxists who directed the Soviet armies and their American allies. Wendell Willkie titled one chapter of his book, "Our Ally Russia." This book was actually written by Joseph Barnes according to Soviet dictates. "One World" contains many idolatrous references to Stalin, like other pro-Communist writings of the period, referring to Stalin's "simple, moving eloquence," "a very able man," "A simple man, with no affectations or poses." On page 35, Willkie indulges in unconscious humor, when he notes that "Stalin likes a pretty heavy turnover in his immediate entourage in the Kremlin." The "turnover," of course, was due to Stalin's propensity for murdering anyone close to him. ...

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