Colavito Jason - Mysteries of ancient America

Author : Colavito Jason
Title : Mysteries of ancient America Investigating African, Asian, and European Visits to the Prehistoric New World
Year : 2011

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Introduction. Ever since Christopher Columbus landed in the New World in 1492, claims have arisen that other people (besides the Native Americans, of course) arrived first. Science tells us that at least one of these claims, that of the Vikings around 1000 CE, is true. But nearly every ancient people of the Old World has been proposed as a possible visitor to ancient America and originator of its many native cultures. These groups have included (in no particular order), stone age Europeans, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, medieval Welsh, Egyptians, Nubians, Chinese, and Polynesians, as well as fictional groups such as Atlanteans, Muvians, Lemurians, and space aliens. This eBook explores four claims about prehistoric visitors to North America. Chapter 1 examines claims that prehistoric Spaniards came to America thousands of years ago and brought specific types of stone weapons with them. Chapter 2 looks at the spread of an early twentieth century hoax that claimed ancient Egyptians or Buddhists came to America and founded a civilization in the Grand Canyon. Chapter 3 explores the way ancient Mexican and Chinese history have been distorted to provide “evidence” for Chinese voyages to pre-Columbian America. Chapter 4 takes a broader view and surveys the many extreme theories for the “true” origins of the Olmec and Mayan civilizations—from Africa to Atlantis to outer space and beyond. What nearly all of these theories have in common is a desire to attribute the developments of native North America, including the building of native mounds and Mayan pyramids as well as native mythology, writing, and art, to outside forces. These theories suggest that the Native peoples of the Americas, unlike Old World peoples, were somehow incapable of developing the elements of civilization on their own. This is wrong and it is, in the final analysis, a racist theory—even when the people proposing the theories are not themselves racists and may be unaware of the racist implications of their theories. ...

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