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Title : 1999
Year : 1999

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End-Of-The-Year Thoughts And New Year’s Resolutions As 1999 Brings Major Testings. 12/29/98 #1 HATONN. WHAT’S IN A DAY OR A THOUSAND YEARS ? This is not a bad question, as foolish at it might at first seem, for in the passage of a thousand years you will find the sequence of events counted actually in days. Moreover, the NEXT thousand years begin with this instant split-second of “time”. This is the period of expression annually where the past events are summoned for your attention and you can have a good laugh and a few tears over circumstances. “But, what does it all mean?” the great thinker might inquire. That, of course, depends only on YOUR perception and perspective. If you live in the United States of America, for instance, you are receiving in the land of the breathing dead, fed deception by the liars now in control of your very beings. ...