Corliss William R. - Ancient Man

Author : Corliss William R.
Title : Ancient Man A handbook of puzzling artifacts
Year : 1978

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The primary objective of this handbook is to provide libraries and tndividuals with a wide selection of reliable descriptions of unusual artifacts of ancient man. To meet this goal, I have analyzed hundreds of volumes of archeological journals as well as the complete files of Nature and Science. The result of this research is an incomparable collection of information on the frontiers of archeology. From this assemblage, I have selected the most interesting and controversial for this book. My criteria for selecting "puzzling" data were: the information contradicted current archeological theories, or the article raised personal questions not answered adequately to my knowledge. Usually both criteria were satisfied simultaneously. Much of the information printed herein will prove controversial, particularly that selected from amateur archeological and so-called Fortean publications. It will soon become obvious to the reader that secondary objectives are the posing of challenges to establishment science and the stimulation of useful controversy. I make no claim to completeness because new and relevant material is being discovered constantly as my search of the literature continues. Indeed, the near-infinite mine of museum reports, university theses, and foreign journals has scarcely been touched. Even so, I have collected much more intriguing archeological information than I can conveniently publish here. However, the complete master file is being published in looseleaf "sourcebooks." The Sourcebook Project welcomes inquiries concerning these cumulative sourcebooks. The looseleaf sourcebooks were, in fact, the first publications of the Sourcebook Project. Although thousands of these notebooks have been sold to libraries, feedback from librarians indicated that casebound books would be more acceptable. SUch suggestions were a major factor in the decision to publish selections from our collection in a series of casebound handbooks. My hope is that this hambook will become a standard reference work on the frontiers of archeology. To this end, I have utilized reports taken primarily from scientific journals. The screening provided by editors and referees of these publications helps to minimize hoaxes and errors. In expectation that establishment archeology is too conservative and too confined by dogmas, I have introduced a handful of articles from fringe periodicals and books that are doubtless considered offbeat and "wild'' by most professional archeologists. The book's organization is also unconventional. Rather than categorize data according to cultures, time periods, or similar pigeonholes, dictated in part by prevailing dogmas, I have simply arranged the information according to the nature of the artifact. Thus, all stone circles are described in the same section, r egardless of geographical location, supposed time of construction, or assumed purpose. Many global similarities become apparent in this way. Most of the 240 illustrations consist of line drawings by John C. Holden and are based on sketches and photos in the original articles. Since many of the articles are decades old, it was impossible to ferret out all original photos. Actually, in the older literature, line drawings predominate in any case. Since the bulk of this handbook consists of direct quotations from original sources, I hasten to acknowledge the many writers of papers, letters-to-the-editor, and sundry publications who have contributed these descriptions of artifacts. When lengthy quotations are taken from publications still protected by copyright, permissions have been obtained. ...

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