Dalton Thomas - Debating the Holocaust

Author : Dalton Thomas
Title : Debating the Holocaust A new look at both sides
Year : 2015

Link download : Dalton_Thomas_-_Debating_the_Holocaust.zip

Author's Preface to the Second Edition. The first edition of this book, published in 2009, underwent three initial printings, each with slight textual and layout modifications. The final version, marked 'Third printing,' has sufficed for the past six years. But recent developments in the news, in world events and in the historiography of the Holocaust have necessitated a revised second edition of this book. The general organization and chapter structure remain unchanged. The most significant revisions are as follows: Chapter 4 on the death matrix is now based on the 6 million overall death toll, rather than Raul Hilberg's estimate of 5.1 million. Correspondingly, working (orthodox) figures for five of the six death camps have also been significantly increased; Auschwitz remains largely unchanged. Also, the sections on the ghettos and on the Einsatzgruppen have been significantly expanded in order to give appropriate space to these two important aspects. Chapter 5 on Chelmno now includes reference to three important works on that camp that were not available for the first edition. The account of the Reinhardt excavations in Chapter 8 has been updated based on recent developments at those camps. Chapter 9 on Majdanek has been significantly modified to reflect the recent writings of current camp director Tomasz Kranz. In Chapter 11, the 'revisionist Holocaust' estimate has been increased from 516,000 to 570,000, though this reflects no fundamental shift in outlook. Many of the statistics and factual data in Chapter 12 have been updated. And the epilogue has been significantly expanded. Importantly, however, the general conclusion is unchanged: the traditional Holocaust story is deeply flawed, and its advocates continue to resort to lies, deception and heavy-handed oppression to stifle open discussion. Only an impartial and unbiased investigation can get to the root of the present debate. Here, as before, the reader is invited to be his own judge. Thomas Dalton 1 May 2015. ...

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