Dobbs Zygmund - Red intrigue and race turmoil

Author : Dobbs Zygmund
Title : Red intrigue and race turmoil
Year : 1958

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Preface. In a lecture (The Bampton Lecture, April 23, 1948) at Columbia University, Professor Arnold Toynbee said: "Modern man, with all his mastery of Physical nature, has failed to solve the enormous problem of war, the problem of race, and the problem of class." Certainly the written and unwritten history of humanity supports Dr. Toynbee's contention, and constant discussion and effort must be made to deal with all the problems mentioned by Dr. Toynbee. This pamphlet deals only with the race problem. Even a cursory study of the early drawings of the cavemen in western Europe shows that different races at different times dominated that section of the world long before written history began. The Cro-Magnon man and the Neanderthal man, although undoubtedly for many years living in the same part of the world, were as different from each other as the modern Chinese is from the modern Norwegian. Since written history, any one who can read can know the differences between the Graeco-Mediterranean and Near- Eastern races as epitomized in Herodotus' description of the wars between the Greeks and the Persians. The marked differences between the Latin races and the Semite, Gallic and Germanic races are amply documented by many a Roman historian, such as Julius Caesar, Tacitus, Livy, etc. To come back to what Dr. Toynbee says about race, while I agree that to date it has not been solved, and I doubt that it will ever be completely solved, nevertheless, there have been and now are many places where for a long time a livable compromise has been reached between races without the extermination of one or the other. An excellent example of this situation in modern times is the Swiss Republic. The former Austrian Empire also controlled many races and nationalities that were getting along with each other tolerably well, until the first world war upset everything, and stopped the slow progress towards an even better working arrangement of racial understanding and toleration. Ever since World War I, there has been an accelerating trend towards race conflict. Wars always bring about intolerance, and two world wars, in quick succession, bred a maximum of intolerance. Race troubles generate a great deal from intolerance—not what today is called "discrimination." Taking advantage of war-bred evils, there are always sinister characters, and evil groups prepared to stir up all kinds of antagonisms, and use them to further their own ends. As race and class are insoluble problems, in the sense that humanity can in the foreseeable future find a permanent solution, the Soviet Communists have concentrated, throughout the world, on these two problems with great success. In the United States, of recent years, the communists have concentrated their efforts to stir up race friction. The ensuing pages will show the mechanics of how the reds take over various organizations by infiltrating their membership. However, it only touches on the subject of the whole plot, namely the psychological warfare, to take over the minds and direct the actions of educated, prominent, well-meaning people. This they have been only too successful in accomplishing. Many of these people are shrewd businessmen, or able technicians in their own line. Much of the money collected by red organizations and red fronts has been collected from corporations and individuals who are no more communists than Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, but who unlike Mr. Hoover are obtuse when it comes to understanding political action and political affairs in general, and the communist plot in particular. The starting point in the communist psychological warfare is to confuse their dupes with semantics, pseudoscience, and misinterpretation. For instance, Webster's College Dictionary, 1956, defines the word "discriminate" as, "Judge (respecting merits)," and "discriminating" as "showing good taste." The communists have taken these words and twisted them so that "discriminate" does not mean to the average person "Judge (respecting merits)," or "showing good taste," but is twisted to mean someone who tries to browbeat people because of their race or religion. In the science of anthropology, the communists have collected a group of scientists—some actually under communist discipline, and some just duped—to issue scholarly sounding treatises that there is no difference due to race. At the same time, they have, by using prominent sociologists, put out a propaganda which purports to prove that all differentiation of race and racial characteristics is bad. On the political front, they have used all the prominent figures they could get hold of—and they have managed to start with the President and Vice-President and worked down—and persuaded them to insist that all races must be driven together socially and educationally by force of arms if they deem it necessary. ...

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