Dobbs Zygmund - Roosevelt Archibald Bulloch - The great deceit Social pseudo-sciences

Authors : Dobbs Zygmund - Roosevelt Archibald Bulloch
Title : The great deceit Social pseudo-sciences Socialist wolves in sheep's Clothing
Year : 1964

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This book by the staff of Veritas Foundation shows that the greatest danger to the Free World today is creeping socialism, and not only its Communist counterpart. For the blatant brutality of Communism is better understood by the American people, and hence regarded with well-informed hatred. Fabian socialists have managed to maintain an aura of respectability with the wealthy and the "book-educated." These revolutionary wolves masquerade in sheep's clothing as gentle reformers. Although the socialists claim that they are innovators, Veritas proves that they are really reactionaries, who wish to tum society backward to despots like Napoleon, Louis XIV (l'etat c'est moi-a typical socialist attitude), feudalist Charlemagne, or primitive tribal chiefs. Many leading socialists foresee with complacency the necessity of killing their opponents, once they have seized power. Bernard Shaw and Stuart Chase have baldly stated so. This explains socialist tolerance of the multi-million Communist murders. The regimes of the German National Socialists under the Nazis, the Italian Corporate Socialists under the Fascists, the Argentine dictatorship under Peron, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under the Russian Bolsheviks, have all been socialist governments. In the United States, with the help of our great American news media, both on the air and in the press, Fabians cleverly disclaim their close kinship with these tyrannies, so that Mussolini and Hitler are never called socialists here, though their regimes bore that name. Hitler and Mussolini became competitors with the Fabian socialists and Russian communists in the struggle for control of the Western world. But their quarrels were chiefly tactical. Fabian socialists have at times publicly repudiated the Russian socialist-communists, but they are always willing to work closely with them whenever the need arises. You will find communists and Fabian socialists acting as one against free men and free governments, just as competing gangs will join hands against the law and its enforcement officers. The Russian communists, Hitler's nazis, Mussolini's fascists and the Peronistas simply carried out what many Fabian socialists recommended-namely, bloody violence to set up and preserve a centralized socialist dictatorship. ...

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