Dugin Alexander - Last war of the world-island

Author : Dugin Alexander
Title : Last war of the world-island The geopolitics of contemporary Russia
Year : 2015

Link download : Dugin_Alexander_-_Last_war_of_the_world-island.zip

Editor’s Note. This book was originally published in Russian in 2012. Although the geopolitical situation of Russia has changed considerably since then, especially as regards the Ukrainian crisis and the subsequent outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine, Alexander Dugin has made it clear that he stands by his original assessment and criticism of Putin’s approach, and that only by Russia’s assertion of itself as a land-based regional power in opposition to the sea-based Atlanticism of the United States and NATO can Russia survive in any genuine sense. Footnotes that were added by me are denoted with an “Ed.” following them, and those that were added by the translator are denoted with “Tr.” Those which were part of the original Russian text have no notation. Where sources in other languages have been cited, I have attempted to replace them with existing English-language editions. Citations to works for which I could locate no translation are retained in their original language. Website addresses for on-line sources were verified as accurate and available during the period of April and May 2015. JOHN B. MORGAN IV. Budapest, Hungary, May 2015. ...

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