Duke David - From the Abyss

Author : Duke David
Title : From the Abyss An Analysis of European Mankind’s Existential Crisis and a Plan for Our Salvation
Year : 2007

Link download : Duke_David_-_From_the_Abyss.zip

From the Abyss. An Analysis of European Mankind’s Existential Crisis and a Plan for Our Salvation. Paper delivered by Dr. David Duke at the Europe and Russia: New Perspectives Conference in Moscow, July 18, 2007 In this paper I will outline the most significant threats to European Mankind’s existence and then propose paths to our salvation. It is only fitting that we gather in the largest populated city of European Mankind on Earth. The masses of our beautiful people that we see on the streets of Moscow in some ways give us hope. In other ways, the endless passing by of bright eyes and fair complexions may blind our own eyes to the dark danger facing our people. Walking on the streets of Moscow one would think our race is not in crisis. But, indeed we are in the gravest danger of our long existence. European Mankind faces the abyss of biological oblivion. Every White nation on earth has catastrophically low White birthrates. Worldwide, people of European descent have a birthrate of only 1.2 children for every two potential parents. That means a greater than forty percent decline in population with each generation–and that doesn’t even consider the factor of racial intermarriage with non-Europeans, which also effectively reduces the birth rate of the European genotype. Genocidal birthrates, combined with massive non-European immigration into White nations, ensure that unless a revolution for our survival occurs soon in the White world, our people will be only outnumbered, scattered remnants in just a few short generations–vastly outnumbered even in our own nations and close to the edge of extinction. It must be emphasized that I am not referring here to the extinction of many of our cultural, social, governmental and religious forms, which will also certainly result from this scenario, but more importantly the literal extinction of our heritage from the earth. ...

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