Evola Julius - Metaphysics of war

Author : Evola Julius
Title : Metaphysics of war Battle, victory and death in the world of tradition
Year : 2007

Link download : Evola_Julius_-_Metaphysics_of_war.zip

Introduction. by John B. Morgan IV. he Julius Evola to be found in this volume is one who has, thus far, remained largely unknown to English-speaking readers, apart from how he has been described secondhand by other writers – namely, the political Julius Evola. With the exception of Men Among the Ruins, which defines Evola’s post-war political attitude, as well as the essays made available on-line and in print from the Evola as He Is Web site, all of Evola’s works which have been translated into English prior to the present volume have been his works on esotericism, and this is the side of his work with which English-language readers are most familiar. The essays contained in this book were written during the period of Evola’s engagement with both Italian Fascism and German National Socialism, and, while Evola regarded these writings as being only a single aspect – and by no means an aspect of primary importance – of his work, it is for these writings that he is most often called to account (and nearly always harshly condemned) in the court of the academicians and professional historians. For this reason alone, then, it is of great value that these essays are being made available so that English-speaking readers can now form their own opinion of Evola’s work in this area. And for those who are interested in Evola as a teacher, then these essays will serve to open up an area of his work that his hitherto remained largely inaccessible, and which contains a great deal of practical advice for the traditionallyminded student. It is important to remember while reading these essays, however, that Evola himself made no distinction between the various areas of culture with which he chose to engage - areas which have been artificially divided from each other by the philosophy of modernity, which treats the entire body of universal knowledge as a creature to be dissected and examined, one organ at a time, beneath a microscope, and thus each part of the creature’s body is only understood as a thing in itself, without any understanding of how it relates to the whole. Evola’s approach to knowledge was traditional, and therefore it was integrated in nature. For him, there was always only one subject: Tradition, which, as his friend René Guénon had first defined it, is the timeless and unchanging esoteric core which lies at the heart of all genuine spiritual paths. ‘Traditionalism’, a term which Evola himself never used, refers to the knowledge and techniques derived from sacred texts that the individual can use to orient himself in order to know Tradition, and in knowing it, thereby live all aspects of his life in accordance with it. Politics was only of interest to Evola in terms of how the pursuit of certain political goals could be of benefit toward the spiritual advancement of a traditionally-minded individual, and also in terms of how the distasteful business of politics might be able to bring modern societies closer into line with the values and structures to be found within the teachings of traditional thought. ...

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