Fanthorpe Lionel - Fanthorpe Patricia - The Oak Island mystery

Authors : Fanthorpe Lionel - Fanthorpe Patricia
Title : The Oak Island mystery The secret of the world's greatest treasure hunt
Year : 1995

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Foreword. The coming of television has no doubt made a difference but at one time card parties were for many years a feature of family life. Not many households were without packs of cards, fifty-two in each pack divided equally between Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. The choice of such symbols was perhaps purely arbitrary on the part of the original designers, but in themselves they represent some of the basic impulses by which human nature has been consistently driven. Whether intended or not they represent very real motives for living. Some love power. They rise to the top. They struggle for authority. Woe betide any lesser mortals who dare to get in their way. The Club is their natural symbol. Others accumulate money as their life's ambition. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but getting rich attracts ambitious people of both sexes and all ages. For others the only conceivable inspiration for life is love, the kind which is gentle, compassionate and self-sacrificing. St Francis of Assisi became one of them and Mother Teresa of Calcutta is another. There are others like them, always have been and always will be. Their symbol is the heart. For another grouping work is the mainspring of their lives. They know nothing else; they value nothing else. It could be said of one, 'He was born a man; he died a grocer.' All else is subordinated to work: good name, health, family, all, in their turn, sacrificed to it. For this group the natural symbol is the Spade. ...

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