Farnham Charles Haight - A life of Francis Parkman

Author : Farnham Charles Haight
Title : A life of Francis Parkman
Year : 1900

Link download : Farnham_Charles_Haight_-_A_life_of_Francis_Parkman.zip

Preface. The chief interest of Francis Parkman's life was not his connection with the great events, important questions, or celebrated people of his time, his life being singularly devoid of external and tangible elements available for a biography. The main attraction of the subject lies in his picturesque, manly character, his inspiring example of fortitude and perseverance, and his training and achievements as historian. As a man he was even greater and more interesting than his work. It is therefore the man himself that I have tried to keep everywhere in view, as the chief object among the experiences of his somewhat uneventful life. ...

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