Ferrill Arther - The origins of war

Author : Ferrill Arther
Title : The origins of war From the Stone age to Alexander the Great
Year : 1997

Link download : Ferrill_Arther_-_The_origins_of_war.zip

This book has been in print for more than a decade, and I am grateful to Westview Press and to Peter Kracht for keeping it available in the History and Warfare Series. The revised bibliography contains some important items that appeared after the original publication of The Origins of War, but there are no changes in the text. Much has been written in the past ten years on prehistoric warfare, yet present scholarship confirms the view set forth in this book that prehistoric man was a warrior long before the emergence of civilization. If I were to rewrite the book today, I would state my thesis even more strongly. When the book was first published, I was afraid that the final section, entitled "Alexander at Waterloo: His Place in the History of Warfare," would seem fanciful. In fact, it has received considerable favorable attention, and I continue to believe its validity. Ancient warriors carried warfare to a high level of skill, and until the dramatic changes in the delivery of firepower in the last half of the nineteenth century, the best ancient armies would have held their own on any battlefield. Arther Ferrill. ...

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