Firth Evans Violet Mary - The magical battle of Britain

Author : Firth Evans Violet Mary (Dion Fortune)
Title : The magical battle of Britain
Year : 1993

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Introduction by Gareth Knight. Dion Fortune and the Way Ahead. Dion Fortune was a remarkable woman in many ways, a pioneering type of whom it may be said not only that she lived before her time but that she did much to shape the times that came after her. Born in Llandudno, in North Wales, in 1890, by her early twenties, despite no great formal education, she had become a leading psychotherapist. This was in a pre-First World War London, when horse drawn buses still plied the streets, and when the psychoanalytic discoveries of Sigmund Freud were beginning to take the world by storm. With his theories of the subconscious, and the importance of dreams, and the role of the suppressed sexual libido of everyday life, a whole new approach to the human mind was being born. But revolutionary as these psychological theories were, Dion Fortune felt they did not go far enough to explain some of the hidden powers and secrets of the mind. She had stumbled almost by accident upon the powers of telepathy, which she found to be demonstrable within herself. This came about in a wholly unexpected and coincidental way. She used to attend a local Theosophical Society meeting house for the simple if lowly reason that it was near her clinic and had good catering facilities. It was thus a convenient place to lunch. One day, almost in a spirit of jest, she stayed on for one of the lecture demonstrations, and discovered to her amazement that she was picking up the images that the lecturer was projecting in a simple experiment in telepathy. This first-hand evidence could not be ignored, nor could it be explained by any of the current theories of psychology. So she made a point of looking out for unusual conditions of the mind that even the new psychoanalysis could not account for. In this she was helped by a co-worker at one of the clinics. This was a Dr Theodore Moriarty, who had long experience in India, where there is more knowledge and less scepticism about the hidden powers of the mind. ...

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