Fleming Walter Lynwood - The Ku-Klux testimony relating to Alabama

Author : Fleming Walter Lynwood
Title : The Ku-Klux testimony relating to Alabama
Year : 1903

Link download : Fleming_Walter_Lynwood_-_The_Ku-Klux_testimony_relating_to_Alabama.zip

In 1869-70 the Radical leaders began to observe signs in the Southern States that indicated the growing strength of the Democratic party. The Fifteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution by the forced ratifications of Virginia, Texas, Mississippi and Georgia. President Grant sent in a message to Congress announcing the ratification as "the most important event that has occurred since the nation came into life." Congress responded to the hint in the message by passing the first of the Enforcement Acts. For two years this measure had been impending, and the excuse now for making it a law was that the Ku Klux organizations would pievent the blacks from voting in the fall of 1870. This act was approved on May 31, 1870; a supplementary Enforcement Act was passed on February 28, 1871; and on April 20, 1871, the last of the series, the notorious "Ku Klux" Act, was passed into law. ...

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