Flournoy John Jacobus - An essay on the origin, habits, &c. of the African race

Author : Flournoy John Jacobus
Title : An essay on the origin, habits, &c. of the African race : Incidental to the propriety of having nothing to do with negroes : addressed to the good people of the united states.
Year : 1835

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This is an ominous question. By me it is presented in a form, new and singu1ar, but not more singular than con· formable to the best lights of truth and experience. THIS QUESTION has in all ages been an enigma to the profoundest capacities; and the blacks held, or avoided, in many ways, under pretences as various as confused. Not understanding them properly, nor rightly comprehending their origin, from Scriptural illustrations, the whites are divided into many juxtapositive sects, and so many creeds and opinions enter· tained by each sect, all different, have left the " confusion worse confounded.'' In order to disengage light and truth from so many various, subtle, and groundless intricacies, I now venture forth, properly to expose the true nature of the blacks, and to disabuse our countrymen of a partiality to them, free or bondmen ; which certainly is likely to prove the political death, and moral corruption of the United States. It can here be seen, that I am a FOUNDER of a sect quite new-recent-and never uefore in vogue, since the days of the Patriarch Noah. I plant my fearless standard in the South-in Georgia-and call around aJI the worthy and knowing, to rally. And in the plantation of this standard, I must exhibit my principJes to be different from either of the following named political sects : 1. The slow and imbecile CoJonization Society. 2. The abolitionists of Slavery alone, withal leaving negroes as free in the land. 3. The gradual emancipation Society. 4. The Slavery Society. 5. The Amalgamationists. Upon the whole, I name my own Society the EFFlCIENT INSTANTANEOUS EXPULSION ASSOCIATION of Philosophic and fearless Patriots. I go for a ready and sudden practicable expulsion of every Negro and Mulatto trom this Country, back to their own Africa. The why and wherefore,-the means and ability to get rid of them, - I proceed to exhibit. ...

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