Godden Gertrude M. - Russia under the red flag

Author : Godden Gertrude M.
Title : Russia under the red flag A record of socialism in our time
Year : 1929

Link download : Godden_Gertrude_M_-_Russia_under_the_red_flag.zip

Foreword. This book gives a short account, taken from Russian sources, of the greatest experiment in Socialism in our time. lt supplies a summary of the results of this exriment in regard to government, religion, education, personal and political liberty, industry, and the land. And, if the geographical and cultural remoteness of the Russian peoples inclines the Englishman but slightly acquainted with international reactions to say, ' What is Russia to me ? ' the reply is : Russia, to-day, is the complete example of the change which the English electorate is asked to effect at every election - that of transforming the English Constitution into a Socialist State. In the ' United Soviet and Socialist Republics ' of Soviet Russia, Socialism can be observed in active control of every relation of life. In Soviet Russia may be seen reflected, as in a mirror, the new England which Socialism is striving, with great energy, to create. And, moreover, the Soviet Government, to the support of which, by diplomatic recognition, the English Socialist and Labour Party is pledged, is ceaselessly engaged in the endeavour to erect, on the ruins of existing civilizations, States similar to its own throughout the world. Some knowledge of Russia, as she is to-day after eleven years of government under the Red Flag, is of intimate concern to all English men and women who value religious, political, and industrial freedom. G. M. GODDEN. March 1929. ...

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