Graf Jürgen - The greatest adventure of our time Holocaust revisionism

Author : Graf Jürgen
Title : The greatest adventure of our time Holocaust revisionism A Speech by Jürgen Graf in Estonia
Year : 2002

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How "Western Democracies" Fight Revisionism. Ladies and gentlemen, right now, in Switzerland, since the 16th of January 2003, an 82- year old man in poor health, is being imprisoned for three months. In April of 2000, he was sentenced to one year imprisonment, but the appellate court lowered his punishment. His crime: In self-published writings he had explained why he considers the number 6 million Jews which are said to have perished due to national socialistic persecution during World War Two, as being highly exaggerated, and furthermore, he does not believe in murderous Nazi gas chambers, because there is no proof of their existence. This man is Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, a retired language teacher of Lausanne. His published paper is called Courrier du Continent, and has appeared in about 450 copies every one and a half months. If every copy would be read by three people, it would mean that approximately one Swiss out of six thousand is reading the Amaudruz publication. One would assume that Switzerland aught to be able to bear the fact that one out of six thousand citizens is reading an opposition publication every one and a half months - but that's far from the truth. G.A. Amaudruz is only one of many hundreds of citizens of Western European "Democracies" who have been sentenced to fines and imprisonment for questioning the official version of the Holocaust. In Switzerland, so far ten revisionists have been sentenced, including myself. If I would return to my homeland, I would be put into jail for fifteen months because of my revisionist books and I would be prosecuted again during my imprisonment or afterwards because of the books and articles which I have published since my departure from Switzerland. In Germany, Gunter Deckert, the former head of the National Democratic Party, spent five years behind bars because of his doubts about the Holocaust. The historian Udo Walendy spent twenty-seven months in jail. In Austria, a Holocaust Revisionist is theoretically risking twenty years in prison; in France, three years. However, the French courts are mainly content with ruining the accused with high monetary penalties, in contrast to the German, Austrian, and Swiss courts. Accordingly, Robert Faurisson, the most prominent French revisionist who was the first to point out the technical impossibility of mass human gassing, has so far appeared about fifteen times before a judge; but he has never seen a prison from the inside. ...

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