Gray Jonathan - UFO aliens The deadly secret

Author : Gray Jonathan
Title : UFO aliens The deadly secret
Year : 2006

Link download :

Prologue. “He forced me!” cried Angie. “I’ll get that alien b……!!! He’s invaded our marriage!” roared Roland Brown. The enraged engineer set his mind to track and avenge himself on the intrusive alien. Had it physically happened? At first he wasn’t sure. Real or not, what mattered was that Angie had genital bruises. She believed the event had happened. Now Roland did too. And now he was madly obsessed. Those cattle mutilations on August 17 and the sexual abuse of his wife – were they linked? His tortured mind was boiling with questions. Roland Brown needed answers. He would not rest until he got them. Who were these brutes? Why did they claim Angie belonged to them? What was their plan? What would happen next? How could he – Roland Brown – stop them? According to writers like Erich von Danicken and Zecharia Sitchin these aliens had been coming here for a long time… and even brought civilization to Planet Earth. Civilization? No, barbarism, cursed Roland. Today, with millions of claimed UFO sightings… encounters with aliens… alleged kidnappings… investigators everywhere were coming right out and calling it an epidemic. So what was going on here? Were governments really covering up hard core evidence of “other world” visitors – evidence of a crashed flying saucer and dead alien bodies from the “Roswell incident”? And what about crop circles? Or was it all just a hoax? Frankly, now, have you yourself ever wondered about these alleged visitors? Whether they’re from other planets… from inside the earth… or just plain imagination? Just who or what are they… these alleged intruders? ...

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