Greer John Michael - Paths of wisdom

Author : Greer John Michael
Title : Paths of wisdom Principles and practice of the magical cabala in the western tradition
Year : 1996

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Introduction. Cabala in the Golden Dawn Tradition. The HERMETIC ORDER of the Golden. Dawn was founded in r888 by a small coterie of English occultists and Freemasons centered on William Wynn Westcott, a London coroner and author of occult books, and Samuel Mathers, an odd if brilliant character who insisted on a Scottish ancestry he probably didn't have, and who devoted most of his time to the study and practice of magic. At its height in the middle of the next decade, it had perhaps a hundred active members altogether, and twelve years after its founding it blew itself to pieces in the first of a series of disastrous schisms brought about by internal disagreements and attempts by Mathers to claim absolute authority over the Order. There are many such stories in the long history of magic in the Western world. Still, the Golden Dawn holds what is in many ways a unique position in that history. It was the Golden Dawn, and the successive Orders that rose from its ashes, that gave most of the original stimulus to the modern renaissance of magic in the West. Most of the theories and practical methods of magic used in the occult community nowadays descend, directly or indirectly, from the Golden Dawn's own teachings. ...

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