Grieb Conrad K. - Uncovering the forces for war

Author : Grieb Conrad K.
Title : Uncovering the forces for war
Year : 1947

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Truth. “The supreme freedom is the freedom of the people to know the truth. For the peace and prosperity of the world it is more important for the public to know the liberal truth than the reactionary truth. Perhaps some day all of us will be strong enough to stand the real truth.” — Henry A. Wallace, former vice-president of the United States (New York Times, January 7, 1947). Mr. Wallace, perhaps unintentionally, has said something of great importance in these words. If he really meant it when he said the supreme freedom is the freedom of the people to know the truth, then he must agree that it is vitally important for all possible sides of the truth to be presented to the people. To suppress one truth and let the people know only the other truth — Mr. Wallace admits in the words quoted above there are two truths, the liberal and the reactionary — then, it must seem to every fair-minded person, the people will get only a onesided truth, and they will never acquire the strength, which Mr. Wallace evidently considers most desirable, to know the real truth. In the following pages, therefore, the reader will find some uncontestable truths which may prove to be vitally necessary to his understanding of the real truth. ...

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