Griffin G. Edward - The capitalist conspiracy

Author : Griffin G. Edward
Title : The capitalist conspiracy
Year : 1982

Link download :

The text of this book is a verbatim transcript of the soundtrack taken from the documentary film of the same title. In addition to key photographs and illustrations, entirely new material and extensive footnotes have been added which makes this a most valuable reference for further study, research, and discussion. The Capitalist Conspiracy is not offered as a scholarly tome or an exhaustive treatise on the subject. Rather, it was conceived as an audio-visual aid intended to be viewed by audiences of varied age, interest, and background knowledge. It does not tell all there is to know-especially about the Master Conspiracy behind both the Communist and "Capitalist" conspiracies. But it is the author's earnest hope that it wiJI present enough of the incredible story to stimulate a strong curiosity on the part of the reader, a curiosity that, hopefully , will lead him to explore the heavier and more scholarly works that may be suggested within text and footnote. The issues raised in this presentation are not political in nature. Nevertheless, they do carry powerful political implications. If partisan action could be backed up by a broad public understanding of these issues, it would have a profound impact upon the future of our Republic. We wish to acknowledge that this presentation was inspired by Cleon Skousen's book, Tile Naked Capitalist , which we believe is one of the most important documents of this decade. ...

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