Hale Matt - Ending white slavery

Author : Hale Matt (Hale Matthew)
Title : Ending white slavery
Year : 2015

Link download : Hale_Matt_-_Ending_white_slavery.zip

Chapter one. Our Minds Are In Chains. I write these words from a prison cell but it is the minds of our White people that are in chains. To serve as a means by which those chains may be broken would be the highest calling of which I know; to succeed would be the greatest victory. The chains of the body are easily broken - all one needs is a hammer and a chisel, after all - but chains of the mind ? Such chains are of much harder stuff and yet are not so visible to our eyes. Where do we strike ? And how do we do so without wounding ourselves? For the links are more tightly forged than those upon any chained body. The minds of our White people are in chains ... but can we even utter the words "White people" today ? Have not the chains upon our minds become so tight, so fixed, that the very notion of a "White people" has become anathema to us ? Are we not in fact imbued with the idea that we shouldn't even utter or contemplate such words, that there are Whites, yes, and there are people, yes, but "White people," together ? Such a notion as "White people" is a mistake, a misfortune, a moral failing, we have been told. We are not supposed to have an identity as White people; rather, we are supposed to be individuals who just happen to be White. When asked our race, we are almost apologetic with our answer as if to say, "yes, I'm a White guy, one of those insignificant White males perhaps, but hey, I couldn't help it ... but I wish I could!" What a sickness to behold, a sickness of the mind. I wish it were untrue - I would dream that it were so-but true it is: a people is today unwilling to believe that it even exists. It would rather think its existence away, to wish it away, to banish from its hearts and minds its very name. Such would be pleasing to it. The minds of our White people are indeed in chains. ...

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