Hale Matt - Festum Album

Author : Hale Matt
Title : Festum Album
Year : *

Link download : Hale_Matt_-_Festum_Album.zip

Preface. I was recently approached by a new member of our Church who received his baptism of fire for Creativity at York, Pennsylvania and whose heart was set aflame that day with the burning fire of Creativity. He expressed great admiration for our existing Church holidays but sensed a void in our liturgical calendar. He felt that what we were lacking as a White racial religion was a festival devoted solely to the solemn celebration of our race, Nature’s finest--our accomplishments, our manifest destiny, and our creative virtues. His reasoning was compelling and over the following weeks, I pondered his suggestion. I realized that from the simian villages of Africa to the Vatican and from the rain forests of the Amazon to Mecca, a common universal thread binding all of the so-called “great” religions of the world was a liturgical calendar filled with religious holidays and festivals throughout the year. Under our present-day Jewish Occupation Government (JOG) that is hell bent on the ethnic cleansing of European-Americans and European traditions at any cost, we suffer the indignity of having our mortal enemies’ racial holidays such as Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukah brazenly rubbed in our faces on a regular basis via the controlled mass media. Hardly a year can pass without us seeing pictures of the current Jewish stooge President lighting the Menorah to the smiles of his Jewish overlords! My racial brethren, is there no clearer sign than this to demonstrate that our present-day government is of the Jews, by the Jews, and for the Jews? While our religion itself was created in its entirety by our Founder Ben Klassen, the development of any religious traditionas opposed to perhaps the religion itselfis an ongoing evolutionary process. For example, many readers may be shocked to learn that Christians did not dream up the idea of celebrating Christmas until the third century A.D. Though our faith shall forever remain anchored in the teachings of Ben Klassen as espoused in our Holy Books Natures Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible, our Church traditions and celebrations should be expanded when necessary so as to prepare for the triumphant day when Creativity becomes the religion of our entire beloved White Race. As Nature’s Finest, we owe this to the future generations. After reflecting on the proposal of Brother John King, I commissioned him to design such a festival for our Church. After spending considerable time evaluating the merits of his lengthy proposal, I have made my decision. Said proposal in hand, I am now pleased to establish the newest festival in our creative liturgical calendar: Festum Album. I hereby decree that henceforth from December 26 through January 1, all Creators throughout the world shall solemnly celebrate our weeklong festival of White Racial pride and unity: Festum Album. May it someday be celebrated on every continent in an all White world. Onward to victory. This Planet Is All Ours. RAHOWA Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale April 20, 29AC. ...

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