Hale Matt - The racial loyalist manifesto

Author : Hale Matt (Hale Matthew)
Title : The racial loyalist manifesto
Year : 2016

Link download : Hale_Matt_-_The_racial_loyalist_manifesto.zip

Authors's preface. The purpose of this manifesto is to unite, both in name, in doctrine, as well as in organization, all who are loyal to their White Race on the face of this earth. It is ambitious in scope and it is universal in appeal. It is the unifying document for all who are racially loyal. One race demands one struggle to preserve that race and thus this manifesto serves that struggle, now and forevermore. It is thus written not only for the immediate present but also for the distant future; it transcends all lines on maps just as our race transcends those lines; it is for every nation of our race just the same as any other. What the Jew Karl Marx did for the infernal, worldwide communist ideology, we now do for the basic, organic loyalty to our kind and its future that we all possess instead: provide a manifesto that will unite our Racial Loyalist comrades as one force and give them a better understanding of what we fight for, for the common cause. Whatever flaws that this manifesto may possess are those of the author alone; its lofty purpose though remains untot1ched: that through it our struggle to save our White Race may now, for the first time in its history and permanently, march forth with united power and a united will for the victory of all that which we hold dear. Thus, while the author invites the reader to blame him for whatever imperfections he may discern in what is set forth here, he should not lose sight of the success that will be ours when the principles that are set forth here are fulfilled. That, of course, is what matters most. ...

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