Harris Bev - Black Box Voting

Authors : Harris Bev - Allen David
Title : Black Box Voting Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century
Year : 2003

Link download : Harris_Bev_-_Black_Box_Voting.zip

When we started digging around on this story, we expected to find the odd body part or two. Little did we know — we were digging in a graveyard. Suddenly, the dead bodies were piling up so fast that activists everywhere were screaming “Enough, enough we can’t take any more!” The first six chapters were written B.D.,“before Diebold.” The rest were written afterwards, making for a somewhat schizophrenic book, a handy little activism tool that begins with history, archive searches and interviews about theoretical vote-rigging, but suddenly becomes a little too real even for us. So hurry, c’mon over with your own merry little band. We have a democracy to defend. Bev Harris. David Allen. ...

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