Hass Eric - Stalinist imperialism

Author : Hass Eric
Title : Stalinist imperialism The social and economic forces behind russian expansion
Year : 1946

Link download : Hass_Eric_-_Stalinist_imperialism.zip

The "Mystery" of Stalinist Expansionism. Why has Soviet Russia embarked on a far-reaching program of territorial, political and economic expansion ? As the imperialist and predatory peace unfolds, and the victorious 'powers maneuver for advantage and squabble over the spoils of an imperialist war, millions of workers who have heretofore "looked up to Russia" are asking this question. Russia occupies onesixth of the earth's land surface; she, therefore, has no need of additional lebensraum (or living-space) for her growing population. Having abolished private capitalism, it is assumed that she is not under the compulsion to find export markets for surpluses that capitalist Britain and America are under. Moreover, Russia claims to be a Socialist country, hence that she occupies a moral plane above that of her imperialist rivals. ...

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