Hendrick Burton Jesse - The jews in America

Author : Hendrick Burton Jesse
Title : The jews in America
Year : 1922

Link download : Hendrick_Burton_Jesse_-_The_jews_in_America.zip

These pages make no pretense to being a complete discussion of a very large subject. They do present several novel points, however, of the utmost interest and importance in any consideration of the Jewish question. They attracted wide attention when published in the World's Work, and are issued in book form in compliance with a great public demand. The term "Polish Jew," used inclusively, has caused some misapprehension. As explained in the text, the great mass of Jews concentrated in Poland in the Middle Ages. On the partition of Poland in the Eighteenth Century, the Polish provinces in which these Jews had lived for centuries became parts of Russia, Austria, and Prussia. The vast majority of so-called Russian Jews are therefore more properly described as Polish Jews, and the latter term, as used in this book, is intended to include them, as well as their co-religionists in Poland itself and in Austria. "Eastern Jew" is another expression that is used interchangeably with "Polish Jew." ...

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