Hiebel Frederick - The gospel of Hellas

Author : Hiebel Frederick
Title : The gospel of Hellas The mission of Ancient Greece and the advent of Christ
Year : 1949

Link download : Hiebel_Frederick_-_The_gospel_of_Hellas.zip

Preface. This book originated from various lecture cycles given in cities throughout the United States over a period of many years. Formerly, while teaching classical languages at the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany, and recently while lecturing on classical art in an American college, the author had ample opportunity to broaden his view of Hellenic civilization. Much of this book was written in the quiet beauty of the Brooks Farm in Hyampom, California. I wish to express my great appreciation to Henry B. Monges, who offered many valuable suggestions and encouraged me to add several details. I also have to thank most cordially Miss Esther Eaton, who supervised the entire manuscript with unerring accuracy and great devotion. Frederick Hiebel Princeton, 1947. ...

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