Hoskins Richard Kelly - Vigilantes of Christendom

Author : Hoskins Richard Kelly
Title : Vigilantes of Christendom The history of the phineas priesthood
Year : 1990

Link download : Hoskins_Richard_Kelly_-_Vigilantes_of_Christendom.zip

As the Kamikaze Is to the Japanese As the Shiite Is to Islam As the Zionist Is to the Jew So the Phineas priest Is to Christendom "Only the fool ignores the Phineas Priest of God!" Traditional. In Denver, Colorado an anti-Christian radio announcer stepped from his Volkswagen and was greeted with a hall of gunfire. In North Carolina, men entered a homosexual pornoparlor, shot the occupants and burned the parlor down on top of them. In the Midwest, Interracial couples jogging together fell one after another before the carefully spaced shots of a distant sniper. In Seattle, a bomb exploded In a porno movie theatre. In Washington State a Brinks car Is held up and money taken to pay mortgages on farms being foreclosed. In Louisiana, VIetnamese fishing boats are set aflame. In Chicago, a pedestrian draws a pistol and shoots down two assailants. In D.C., a White prostitute and her Black pimp are found shot to death. It makes little difference whether you agree or disagree with the Phineas Priesthood. It Is Important that you know that It exists, Is active, and In the near future may become a central fact In your life. This condition exists now In Moslem populations that must live with their militant Shiite brothers whom the Israelis call "terrorists", and the worldwide Israeli population who must live with their own militant Zionists whom the Islamic world calls terrorists. The Phineas Priest of Christendom Is no less to be feared by those who Insult his God. For over 25 years the author has studied the unique Western priesthood to determine what triggers their acts which are often violent. In th is he has been aided by corresponding with Individuals incarcerated in Federal Prisons who have been convicted of violating some legislative statute, but which act was in obedience to Biblical Law - the only Law respected by the Phineas Priesthood. Like their religious competitors, they believe that their God has called them to their dangerous work. They multiply and thrive when law and order break down. Anyone they consider to have violated any of the Laws written in the Bible may become possible quarry. No one is immune -king, priest, or commoner. They do not respect wealth or position. Politicians take their threats very seriously. They claim ancient traditions and are predictably orthodox Christian In their views, vs. the establishment's own tax-exempt "Judeo-Chrlstian" whom they consider their arch rival and often their foe. Most are extremely well-read In the Holy Scriptures, can quote extensively, and believe only that which can be proved by scripture. Grafted to this are legends of "St. George and the Dragon", "Beowolf', and "Robin Hood". All this is wrapped In the trad itions of each Individual Western nation. Regardless how the world sees them, they see themselves as the latest in a long line of God's servants stretching back Into antiquity. Readers will find that they share many of the views of the Priesthood. Many will not. Regardless, It Is Important to know what these views are since everyone will have to come to some sort of a working arrangement with them In the days immediately ahead. The simple fact Is - one who Is willing to give his life for what he believes cannot be ignored. ...

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