How We Will Win

Author : Anonymous
Title : How We Will Win On the failures of the Movement and how we can overcome them.
Year : 2011

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I’ve given a great deal of thought to how White Nationalists will thrive and survive until a new day graces the American continent. Thereby, I will discuss what does and what doesn’t work in modern America, and what we can do in the future. The genesis for this article came about around the same time Edgar Steele wrote his article entitled “Let’s Get Small.”i I’ve had similar thoughts on this topic, and now they will be laid out for White posterity. The first thing that any realistic White Nationalist must realize is this nation will collapse. I dislike having to say this, let alone inviting the readers to ponder the consequences of a Russian-style economic and political meltdown, yet we must face facts at all times. Within 10 years, no more than 20 at the most, this nation will see catastrophic upheavals that we haven’t seen since the Civil War. We must prepare in advance for this eventuality, lest we suffer the consequences of getting caught with our pants down. The reasons for this are legion (jobs going offshore forever; nothing coming back but cheap Chinese junk at Wal-Mart; declining real wages while corporate profits and top CEO incomes skyrocket; anti-White policies in hiring and advancement that further hinder global competitiveness; erosion of our collective national ability to innovate vis-a-vis offshoring; unfettered immigration straining infrastructure and environment, the forthcoming “North American Union,” etc.), but the cause is relatively simple. In plain English, the Western governments actively hate their own base population streams. A culturally homogeneous population is relatively easy to govern and not quite prone to the schisms that in the past visited, say, late-term ancient Rome, Egypt, or India when they went full multi-cult. On the other hand, it’s not possible for the government to completely pull the wool over the eyes of the masses when the people are of a relatively unified mindset, and this makes selling adverse political policies and suicidal wars a somewhat difficult proposition. Put plainly, an all-White nation simply isn't profitable to certain special interests. Herein lies the government’s power-play: The old game of divide-and-conquer, or more accurately, the perpetual playing of one group or ethnic block off against another. Human history has shown us that when multiple races, cultures, religions, ethnic groups are living together in the same physical territory, conflict of one sort or another eventually comes up. With our economy rotting itself from the bottom up (because the leadership caste has rotted itself from the top down), we can also expect this tottering economy to similarly collapse from the ground up, with the strong potential for the entire pyramid of the national structure collapsing downward into the cesspool of third world nation. ...

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