Humphrey Seth K. - Mankind

Author : Humphrey Seth K.
Title : Mankind Racial values and the racial prospect
Year : 1917

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UNDER the stimulus of a growing conviction that all is not as well as might be with the inherent qualities of the human race, science has gathered in the last dozen years more knowledge as. to what racial values are, and the manner of their inheritance, than in all the years preceding. This knowledge is well set forth in a more or less technical literature, but it has reached the general reader mainly through the public press, and so indifferently that its practical relation to life is usually misapprehended. This book aims to present the subject of race untechnically-rather in its broad social aspect - and to awaken in the lay reader an appreciation of the fundamental part played in human affairs by inborn racial quality. The writer does not make a practice of referring to authorities, for the reason that scarcely an assertion is made on the strength of any single authority. It has been the intention to make no statement involving questions of heredity, either in the chapter on "Principles of Inheritance," or in any other part of the book, which is not based on generally accepted laws. ...

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