Hutton Webster - World History

Author : Hutton Webster
Title : World History
Year : 1921

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Preface. The scope, character, and purpose of this textbook perhaps require some clarification here. It covers the entire historic field, together with a chapter on prehistoric times; it presents a survey of human progress, rather than a chronological outline of events; it is intended for that large body of students who, for various reasons, do not take more than one year of history in the high school. They ought to gain from such a course, however brief, some conception of social development and some realization of man's upward march from the Stone Age until the present time. Nothing but general or universal history will give them that conception, - that realization. And only a history of the world will enable them to appreciate the contributions made by peoples widely separated in space and time to what is steadily becoming the common civilization of mankind. ...

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