Isherwood H. B. - Racial contours

Author : Isherwood H. B.
Title : Racial contours The factor of race in Human survival
Year : 1965

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Introduction. "He (mankind) has given rise to many races, some of which differ so much from each other that they have often been ranked by naturalists as distinct species." Charles Darwin. That separate races exist as sub-species or varieties of the the human species and are the product of age-long evolution few would question to-day, but many may still doubt whether the discernible differences which characterize the races have any real significance or serve any purpose worth heeding in the story of humanity. In an attempt to resolve this doubt the author goes back to the beginning of time and from that remote point traces in loose outline the rise of organic life on earth up to the birth of those ape-like creatures from whom later under different conditions in different territories and at different times our racial ancestors emerged with their distinctive bodily and mental features. Accepting as valid the hypothesis of evolution by natural selection the author holds amongst other things that the inborn cerebral functions as displayed in mental attributes and potentialities are inseparably a part of the evolved biological condition of man, some necessarily being of a racial nature. ...

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