Juster Norton - The phantom tollbooth

Author : Juster Norton
Title : The phantom tollbooth
Year : 1961

Link download : Juster_Norton_-_The_phantom_tollbooth.zip

Inside the mysterious package that Milo finds in his room is what looks like a genuine turnpike tollbooth. But Milo is in for an even bigger surprise when he drives his small electric car through the tollbooth gate. Suddenly he finds himself in The Lands Beyond - the enchanted home of some of the craziest creatures ever imagined. As Milo travels through this confusing world, he is joined by an ill-mannered little Humbug and a ticking watchdog named Tock. Together these three find themselves drawn into a chain of adve~h,rres that . leads them cloSer and closer to the forbidden Mountains of Ignorance and the black-hearted demons that await them there. A wise and witty fantasy, amusingly illustrated by cartoonist Jules Feiffer, The Phantom Tollbooth has long been a favorite with readers of all ages. ...

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