Kaegi Adolf - The Rigveda

Author : Kaegi Adolf
Title : The Rigveda : The oldest literature of the Indians
Year : 1886

Link download : Kaegi_Adolf_-_The_Rigveda.zip

The translation of the present work was undertaken in order to place at the command of English readers interested in the study of the Veda a comprehensive and, at the same time, con densed manual of Vedic research. It has been the aim to make the translation as close as possible ; especially in the metrical quotations the author s renderings have nearly always been adhered to, though with continual reference to the text of the hymns. Since the second German edition appeared, in 1880, much work has been done in the study of the Veda, and many addi tions made to the literature. These PROFESSOR KAEGI kindly offered to incorporate in the Notes, and, to some extent, to re model the latter, but was prevented from doing as much as he had intended by stress of work and ill-health. The translator has endeavored to complete the references to the literature to date, and has extended a number of the Notes in some particu lars. All such additions are designated by brackets. The only addition to the text is the Frog Song on p. 81 f. The thanks of the translator are due to DR. KAEGI for his ready consent and interest in the undertaking, to PROFESSORS WHITNEY and LANMAN for suggestions and material, and to DR. A. V. W. JACKSON, of Columbia College, for revising the portions of the Notes pertaining to the Avesta. The references have been verified as far as practicable, and it is believed that a reasonable degree of accuracy has been attained. It is requested that the translator be notified of the discovery of any mistakes which may have been overlooked. R. A. RACINE COLLEGE, RACINE, Wis., February, 1886. ...

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