Author : Kaldenberg Wyatt
Title : Pagan Revival 046
Year : 19*

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Supreme Court Rule Against Government Institutions Taking Sides in Religious Matters. Some Thoughts And Quotes on Euro-Paganism. All Hallow's Eve. Crom, Chief of the Mounds. Hinduism. Cerdic and Arthur. Asatru and Culture. Odinism by David Lane. Armanism and the Listian Ideals. Letters. The Maypole of Merry Mount. Ancient Empires : a) The Invention of Empire b) The Empires of Mesopotamia c) Persia, the First Great Empire d) Persia and the West e) The Technology and Culture of Mesopotamia and Persia f) The Earliest Celts g) The Celts in the Mediterranean h) The Roman Conquest of Gaul and Britain i) Celtic Culture & Technology. More Letters. Video Reviews. Book Reviews. Zine Reviews. In Short. Legal Corner: The Rights of Pagan Prisoners. Zine Review. ...