Kelley Harrell S. - Runic book of days

Author : Kelley Harrell S.
Title : Runic book of days A guide to living the annual cycle of rune magick
Year : 2018

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Foreword. By Nigel Pennick. Runes have existed in unbroken continuity since their inception more than two thousand years ago. Runic is a time-honored mystical alphabet where each letter has a specific meaning. Each letter embodies an intention laden with deep significance and symbolism that denotes profound connections in the natural world and within the human psyche. Often those who know little about the runes view them as just another means of fortunetelling similar to tarot cards. Indeed, most people come to know the runes through using them as an oracle. But their admirable usefulness in divination is only one small part of their richness. In the Runic Book of Days Kelley Harrell explains how, in addition to being a deeply revelatory oracle that gives us insights into present conditions, the runes are also a useful tool for personal growth. Even as an oracle, casting the runes, whose techniques she details in this book, sometimes gives startling results. The runes first came to prominence in the European spiritual current known as the Northern Tradition in what is now Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and England. Although they, like everything else, have a localized origin, they embody the universal principles that underlie existence. Runes emerged from the most fundamental aspects of human life on Earth and the structure and cycles of the Cosmos. They express the core of universal existence. According to Northern Tradition teachings, the Norse god Odin Allfather, revealer of the runes to the human race, has two attendant ravens called Huginn and Muninn— thought and memory. Each day they fly across the world, observing. These fast-flying birds are symbolic of thought, our consciousness of our being and actions; and memory, our collective history and the sacred observances that are at the root of our being fully human. Everything described by humans must be understandable in human terms, and archetypal symbols embody profound truths. These descriptions, present in the runes, are interpretations of reality according to the innermost structure and function of human consciousness. As Kelley Harrell explains, our most challenging task as humans is finding meaning in self and the world around us. The runes give us a unique means of addressing this existential problem. To those who learn how to use them, the runes can become a spiritual focus that is valuable in our everyday living. Kelley points out that the runes capture the essence of the process of the soul in form, then deliver the wisdom of that story in small, relatable bits. The runes are not an end in themselves. They are a means of achieving personal growth, of embodying spirit through form, of creating manifestation. ...

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