Kemp Arthur - Four flags The indigenous people of Great Britain

Author : Kemp Arthur
Title : Four flags The indigenous people of Great Britain DNA, history and the right to existence of the native inhabitants of the British Isles
Year : 2010

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Section one : introduction. In April 2009, more than 122 Members of Parliament at Westminster signed a declaration which affirmed that there was no such thing as an indigenous people in Britain. This declaration by members of the Conservative, Liberal-Democrat and Labour parties said that there was no such thing as a native people of Britain, implying that all were foreigners and thereby justifying the current immigration invasion. This astonishing declaration, which took the form of an Early Day Motion entitled the “Rights of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples”, noted the Government’s refusal to put the rights of indigenous peoples on a legal footing with regard to protection against “climate change.” The reason why the Government had refused to “put these rights on a firm legal footing” was, the declaration said, done “on the grounds that there are no indigenous peoples in the United Kingdom.” The declaration went on to say that this absence of an indigenous people of Britain was no reason not to worry about indigenous people elsewhere, pointing out that “this has not prevented either the Netherlands or Spain from joining the list of 20 countries, including Brazil,” from doing so because “protecting the rights of indigenous peoples is a matter of international concern.” Not one MP, not one newspaper, not one environmental group, raised their objection to this blanking out of the concept of an indigenous people of Britain. Yet there are indigenous people of Britain: the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish and the English. All have their own defined identities, traditions and culture, and even though they have often been in conflict with one another, together they created one of the mightiest nations of modern times: Great Britain. ...

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