Knight Christopher - Butler Alan - Who built the Moon ?

Authors : Knight Christopher - Butler Alan
Title : Who built the Moon ?
Year : 2006

Link download :

Christopher Knight has worked in advertising and marketing for over thirty years, specialising in consumer psychology and market research. His writing career began almost by accident after he had invested seven years conducting research into the origins of Freemasonic rituals and he has written four books to date, coauthored with Robert Lomas. His first book, The Hiram Key, was published in 1996 and it immediately went into the UK top ten bestseller list and remained in the chart for eight consecutive weeks. It has since been translated into thirtyseven languages and sold over a million copies worldwide, becoming a bestseller in several countries. He now divides his time between marketing consultancy and historical research for writing books. Alan Butler qualified as an engineer, but was always fascinated by history, and made himself into something of an expert in astrology and astronomy. Since 1990, he has been researching ancient cultures, pagan beliefs and comparative religion and has published four successful books on such topics as the Knights Templar and the Grail legend. He is also a published playwright and a very successful radio dramatist. ...

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