Knight Stephen - The brotherhood

Author : Knight Stephen
Title : The brotherhood The secret world of the freemasons
Year : 1985

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The Brotherhood removes the blanket of secrecy over Freemasonary and permits an objective investigation into a topic of considerable public interest In Italy, recent scandals have toppled the government, and the echoes of that scandal continue to reverberate. In this incisive book, Stephen Knight goes behind the scenes of a tightly knit, all-male society, many of whose members hold very influential positions, all of whom are bound by fierce oaths of secrecy. Does Freemasonary discriminate in favor of its members when it comes to jobs, career promotions, and business? How compatible is Freemasonary with Christianity and Judaism? A large number of instances in this book show how and where masonic ideas of morality, charity, and fraternity have been abused. The secrecy that surrounds Freemasonary has traditionally been its greatest strength. Today it has become its own worst enemy. The revelations in this book will challenge many strongly held beliefs. STEPHEN KNIGHT is a London-based journalist with books of fiction and nonfiction to his credit The Brotherhood created front-page headlines in Britain, where it was a national bestseller. ...

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