Landry Stuart Omer - The cult of equality

Author : Landry Stuart Omer
Title : The cult of equality A study of the race problem
Year : 1945

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Preface to the Second Edition. As was expected "The Cult of Equality" was received with mixed emotions, and opinions about it ranged from extravagant praise to bitter denunciation. Equalitarians and many of those who have been won over by the propaganda against so-called intolerance reacted violently against it. On the other hand, the author has received letters from people all over the South, as well as some from the North, complimenting him and agreeing with his conclusions. Strange to say Negroes themselves have not objected to the hook, generally speaking. Many of them have purchased it. In fact, it was selling well in Harlem until one of the editors of P. V., the well-known Negro newspaper, organized a fight against it. Ordinarily this would tend to increase the demand for the book. But because of the limited number of copies available in the first edition, no effort was made by the publishers to take advantage of this situation. Negroes in the South, particularly New Orleans, bought the book freely. I have had some correspondence with one or two Negroes and they have not objected to my ideas. ...

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