Lane A. H. - The alien menace

Author : Lane A. H.
Title : The alien menace A statement of the case
Year : 1934

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Preface to Fourth Edition. "I want to examine the laws and regulations as to the entry of Aliens into this country, for in these days no Alien should be substituted for one of our own people when we have not enough work at home to go round." Mr. Baldwin in Election Speech broadcast on 16 October, 1924. OWING to the events which have occurred since May, 1929, when, under the leadership of Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, a gang of International Socialists took over the government of our unhappy country, I have decided to publish a fourth and much enlarged edition of my Alien Menace. In the Foreword to the second edition I wrote: The difficulties through which our country has been and is passing are due not to one cause but to many causes... And one of the greatest of these is the Alien trouble... which not only seriously retards our moral and material progress, but even threatens our very existence. After the crash of the £ in 1931; after the formation of a so-called National Government and after the General Election which resulted in the return of an overwhelming Conservative majority, patriotic Conservatives hoped that foreigners and Aliens would cease to orient our Cabinet's policy and that the innumerable evils produced by undesirable and enemy Aliens in our midst would be removed. What has happened in the months following the General Election convinces me that, if I was right in calling the public's attention to the Alien Problem in 1928, I have still greater justification in doing so to-day. Apart from its Tariff Reform legislation and some belated anti-subversive measures in India, little has been done by the " N a t i o n a l " Government which a truly National Government would have done. To begin with: Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, whose private secretary since 1924 has been Miss Rosa Rosenberg, and who in Forward of 14 October, 1922, said "we can now take the Moscow Soviet Communist Revolutionary Government under our wing, and clothe it in the furs of apology to shield it from the blasts of criticism," has not expelled the Bolsheviks from their "embassy" at Harington House or closed down Arcos. So far from that, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Sir John Simon, has been recently accepting hospitality from the Bolsheviks lurking there. Nor has The Daily Worker, a Bolshevik organ printed in this country, been suppressed. Nor has the Communist Party of Great Britain been judicially declared—as the Communist Party of Canada has lately been by a Court of Justice—to be an illegal association. Mr. MacDonald, Mr. Baldwin, Sir Herbert Samuel, Sir John Simon and their colleagues, despite the Bolshevik-incited mutiny in the fleet at Invergordon and the Bolshevik-engineered outbreak at Dartmoor, have decided still to tolerate the presence in London of emissaries, with diplomatic privileges, from the Moscow Soviet Communist Revolutionary Government ! ...

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