Langer Elinor - A hundred little Hitlers

Author : Langer Elinor
Title : A hundred little Hitlers The death of a black man, the trial of a white racist, and the rise of the neo-nazi movement in America
Year : 2004

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Later, as he sat in the Oregon State Correctional Institution serving a thirty-year sentence for the death of Mulugeta Seraw, Kenneth Mieske was haunted by the "ifs" that, had any one been different, would have changed his life. First there were the "ifs" that would have deflected the moment from ever coming into being. If only he had gone to work as he was supposed to. If he hadn't had to wait for Julie. If only Desiree had come back earlier or later. If the Ethio pians had found a parking space. Then there were the "ifs" that would have changed what happened afterward. If we had only called the ambulance ourselves. If we had waited for the police. If we had taken the case all the way to trial. But there was a deeper "if" that ran beneath his reflections like a riverbed under water and determined not only why Kenneth Mieske and I were talking in the first place but what our conversations had to do with the existence of this book: If only those Sand Niggers had never come here. ...

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