Lyne William - Pentagon aliens

Author : Lyne William
Title : Pentagon aliens Space aliens from the Pentagon
Year : 1993

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I began writing this book in early 1992, with such urgency that I often began my day's writing at 4:00 A.M. Chapter I reflects my mood at the time. I believe there are matters addressed for the first time in this book—in 1993— which are important to your freedom and that of your loved ones. The truth in this case requires exposing a conspiracy. The word "conspiracy" has been made a dirty word by those involved, like dogs under the table, knawing on a few bones and scraps thrown to them by those above, and growling at anyone who threatens their precarious security. Conspiracies exist, they are sometimes real, and real conspiracies can be harmful to those who pretend they don't exist. This book will disappoint those who expects it to be filled with tales about little 'aliens', or about how I was abducted and used as a sex slave by giant Venusian females (or weird little alien guys who have 'implanted' me, or experimented with my sex organs, etc.). This book is about the "flying saucer"- —sometimes called the "UFO"—what it really is, who invented it, and why our government still conceals it after over fifty years of use by it. I also explore the political, social, economic and historical context in which Big Brother has maintained a hoax of gigantic proportions, by lying to and brain washing the public, and oppressing intelligent witnesses, to conceal the saucer secrets from us, and why. My "space aliens" are actually people, whose philosophy and bizarre masquerade are alien to the American way of life, since they believe in government by anti-democratic hoax, to maintain the secret power of the Trilateral Commission elite, to whom our lives are very cheap. Some who read this may thoughtfully consider it and agree wholeheartedly, because it is reasonable, knowledgeable, logical and true. Others may be disconcerted and will read no further, avoiding the cold light of reason, preferring to continue believing Big Brother's fantastic lies. It takes courage to admit being duped. Some may be subscribers to The Skeptical Inquirer magazine, misplacing confidence in what Philip J. Klass... supposedly a "fellow skeptic"....says about those 'crazy believers' in "alien flying saucers and ghosts" (all in one breath, mind you). Read further, as there is more here for you. Still others will more vehemently dislike what I say, knowing it is true, because they are among the guilty CIA and NSA, etc. A small minority of the guilty may secretly like what I say, but be unable to break the "national insecurity" bonds which hold them rigidly in place, being forced to continue to lie to their follow humans. Still others are beyond reason or any human sentiment, being motivated blindly by money, power, and a desire to "hold onto what they have". These are the "ruling class". Their fear of the truth is very real, and commitment to continued concealment total. The wealth they were born into is rooted in banking, minerals, chemical cartels which process these, fuel companies, the pharmaceutical industry, banking, automotive or aeronautical manufacturing or transportation...planes, ships, trucks, and trains...anything the general public pays every day for. We are their 'captive' source of money and power. There is one technology which more certainly than any other, has the capacity to drastically alter the Vested interests which sustain the elite, with its posh lifestyle, and even threatens to destroy it; electro-propulsive "flying saucer" technology. It is not my desire to see anyone's honestly acquired economic security or prosperity ruined. It is my desire to see the collapse of whole empires, be they built on coercive monopoly, and fascist-state power, which exists at the expense of the freedom and well-being of innocent and productive people, gained and held by secrecy, extortion, force, theft, suppression and concealment of valuable, creative technology, which would also make our planet cleaner, more beautiful, and more accessible to everyone, and allow the peoples of the world to get to know and to appreciate each other more intimately and directly than ever before. No one, be they government, corporate, or individual, has the legitimate right or power to conceal such technology, unless they invented and created it, which they did not. The existing state of apparently monolithic interests, while presently appearing to be held firmly in place by a chain of powerful government, financial, industrial, technical, military, judicial and law enforcement entities, cannot maintain themselves forever, and it is unrealistic to think that they can. For those who are threatened by the public advent of this long-suppressed technology, here is the handwriting on the wall: PREPARE FOR THE LIBERATION OF ELECTRO-PROPULSIVE TECHNOLOGY FROM THE HANDS OF THE SECRET GOVERNMENT, BY THE PUBLIC AT LARGE. CONSIDER ALL THE IMPLICATIONS, AND ACT ACCORDINGLY. The puppets...the "professionals" of pseudo-paranormalism and pseudoskepticism... don't have so much to lose, and much more to gain. They can probably find more productive jobs selling insurance or used cars. Though they may not like sitting in the COLD LIGHT OF REASON, it will only hurt for a little while. It must be an uncomfortable and weird feeling to "lie for their country", which would not be so bad if that was all they were doing. There is nothing "patriotic" about corralling the minds of your fellow citizens with a fence of lies, so they can be "broke and branded" as the dupes of the BIG LIARS. The suppression of this technology is not in the national security interest. Some who spread such lies harbor no patriotic delusions, enamoring themselves shamelessly to the covert money masters, performing like puppets, thoughtless and calloused. They will only come painfully alive when they face the music, once they are publically unmasked as professional liars for Big Brother. I can hear the comments now: "...Oh...ya' mean ol' Joe there? Why he use ta' be one of them big-shot You-fologists, 'til it all come out that it wuz just a big lie to cover up gov'ment flyin' saucer stuff. Sad, ain't it?" It is not difficult to imagine the strange mental processes involved in searching for a new way to present the same Old Tired Big Lies which saw their American premier at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, giving birth to the "Twin Lies"....that "aliens have landed" and that "flying saucers don't exist". This BIG LIE SYSTEM was. originally designed by the intelligence personnel of the Gestapo, the Reichsicherheithauptamte VI ("National Security Agency Div. 6"), and the Roswell hoax and the drama which followed has a dualistic nature which is typical of the gnosticism which was the basis for the SS religion1. Former SS intelligence agents at Alamogordo designed and initiated the Roswell hoax. Yes, the two sides were Siamese twins, born of an SS father and CIA mother, representing two opposite sides of the same bogus wooden nickel, counterfeited in America as one of the first shams of the CIA under the fraudulently misnamed "National Security Act" of 1947, which was never submitted to Congress for its approval, because its authors—CFR bankers at Pratt House—knew it contained so many unconstitutional provisions and violations of American liberty and sovereignty, that they feared it would never be approved. (It "went into effect" like most illegitimate usurpations of rights and powers, through executive edict.) The "Siamese Twins" born at Roswell were the two, diametrically opposite prongs of the Pentagon's concealment apparatus, UFOlogical Paranormalism and Skeptical Official Denial A more organized skeptical initiative was later mounted, as a 'civilian' adjunct to the official deniers, as the counterpart to UFOlogy. Both these fields were planned by the CIA and grew out of the ranks of the CIA's and Air Force Intelligence's plainclothes and covert agent contingencies. This also included such people as businessmen, university professors, astronomers, astrophysicists, meteorologists, other scientists, and aeronautical experts, many of whom were already affiliated with the government's secret projects. Many new press, magazine, book, and screen writers, producers and actors were soon on the payroll, to launch the "alien" scenario through the popular media. There were similar fabrications and concealments in academic areas and textbooks. Since I originally wrote about the movie-UFOlogy-CIA connections in 1993, there have been many others who have copied me, and to my knowledge, none of them has given me any attribution whatsoever, though to my knowledge, I was the first to do so. Of the two counterparts, the UFOlogists seem to have it better than the "skeptics", who appear rather dull by comparison, but spice up their work only by criticizing and debunking their more interesting twin. There are more possibilities among the UFOlogy circles for exciting social, romantic, and sexual encounters, since they are a more interesting bunch of huxters, though an intelligent person soon finds himself longing for another rational being amongst them. To come up with more fascinating subject matter, the skeptics must set their hooks much deeper. Their magazines debunk some false and fraudulent shams—perhaps dangerous to one's mental or physical health, not to mention the pocketbook—only to add false credibility to their irrational denials that flying saucers exist. I can agree with most of the skeptic material, yet their CSICOP flying saucer psychophancy is inconsistent, which reminds me of Ayn Rand's statement: "There are no contradictions in reality; check your premises." The great contradictions in the skeptical arena, are based on false premises planted there by devious, manipulative, lying, CIA-employed pseudo-skeptics, which even many of the innocent true skeptics have failed to identify or to expunge, but they're easy to spot. To allow these great contradictions to be proliferated in skeptic literature, as reasonable, logical and true, when a lie, poisons the whole arena, like a gangrene of reason, and makes fools of the 'skeptics', and a mockery of the whole movement. Did it ever occur to them that the publications and money behind it came from the CIA? As individuals who pride themselves as having truly ethical intellects, it should be an important part of the skeptic agenda to identify and drive out this "alien implant", which has been using them to carry out the CIA's campaign of lies for too long. It takes an outsider like me to tell them about it. The 21st century should be a "flying saucer economy". The people who should appreciate this writing the most, are those who are inquisitive, truly skeptical, intelligent, reasonable, individualistic, creative, ethical, imaginative, scientific, and above all, excited and optimistic about the possibilities of opening up a new era in human history, where all mankind will enjoy the greatest invention man has ever conceived and built, the electropropulsive flying machine generally known as the "UFO", "flying disc", or "flying saucer". You may either consider this as fiction, fact, or a mixture of fact and fiction. That decision is always up to the individual, for, to paraphrase Aristotle, we are never lied to; we must first lie to ourselves before we can accept a lie as the truth. As for myself, I HAVE NO MYSTICAL BELIEFS, ACCEPT NOTHING ON FAITH, AND ASSERT NOTHING AS THE TRUTH UNLESS I HAVE GOOD REASON TO BELIEVE IT IS TRUE. Though I never ask you to believe me on faith, evidence is sometimes scarce. I back up what I say with documentation where possible, physical evidence, an Aristotelian epistemology, accounts of my experiences and personal knowledge, and striking facts which are too compelling to be dismissed as mere fantasy. If some Americans have the deluded misconception that the 'Sacharovs' of this world are only in Russia, they should consider that our Sacharovs are so thoroughly buried by deceitful socio-economic oppression...carefully conceived and carried out by the Secret Government...that the world does not even know of their existences, much less that they are "virtually" imprisoned or enslaved. The present system of nuclear power generator technology was stone-age and intentionally chosen as archaic, inefficient, and obsolete. It was already know by Nikola Tesla—even before Enrico Fermi split the atom without realizing it, and while Einstein was still a second class patent clerk in the Swiss patent office—that all the electricity mankind needs can be easily extracted from the self-replenishing atmosphere, by using a special M.H.D. (Magneto- Hydro-Dynamic) generator discovered by Tesla. It is so simple that a college freshman in physics, with an elementary knowledge of machine tools, could build and test it in his dormitory room. A closely related, publicly available technological source of the "acceptable" variety, is in Physical Chemistry2. The author laid out the scientific facts, leaving it to the creative to figure out the use. One gram of radium (approx. 1/31 oz.), placed in a lead box with an aperture directed into an air tube, criss-crossed by a magnetic field and electric field plates, will create and separate abundant positive and negative charges from air, in sufficient quantity to replace the entire Four Corners Regional power complex, indefinitely. This revelation is only a juxtaposition of Tesla's earlier discoveries of around 1904, and earlier patent of 1901. After Tesla discovered that J.P. Morgan had pretended to subsidize him in bad faith—even disguising his greed as philanthropy—in order to gain a controlling interest in all Tesla's patents, Tesla's only recourse was to withdraw his application on the patent. ...

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