Makow Henry - Illuminati

Author : Makow Henry
Title : Illuminati The cult that hijacked the world
Year : 2008

Link download :

Based On a True Story ? If this were a movie treatment, it would be rejected as implausible. Our leaders are not chosen for their intelligence or achievement but rather because they are able to win the peoples' trust and willing to betray it. They are chosen by a small Satanic cult—Cabalistic bankers and Freemasons—that controls the world's finances and media. Our "leaders" are junior members of this international cult, called the Order of the Illuminati. "We replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government," their Master Plan chortles, "by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures." Many "leaders" are kept in line by having them indulge in horrifying occult rituals including human sacrifices, sexual orgies, pedophilia, rape, torture and murder. (See "Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture" and "The Root of the Problem: Illuminati or Jews?" within.) The Illuminati goal is to degrade and enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. This group's influence is like a cancer that extends throughout society. It has subverted many seemingly benevolent organizations (like charities and professional associations) and most political movements, especially Zionism, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Neo-conservatism and Fascism. This is why society seems to be run by soulless men with pinched faces who spout platitudes and exude evil. The Illuminati have subverted all religions and institutions including one group that fancies itself "chosen by God." In fact, leaders of this group figure prominently in creating this Satanic dispensation. But whenever critics suggest that the "Chosen" are being misled and betrayed, they are accused of "racism"—a clever way of quashing resistance. Thus, attention to the most pressing problem of all time is dismissed as "prejudice." And the Chosen continue to be pawns, scapegoats and human shields for their diabolical and deceitful "leaders." Like a security beam, Illuminati tyranny is invisible until you cross it. Then, doors silently close and positions of influence are denied. If you persist, you are slandered, bankrupted or even killed. In the future, truth tellers and dissenters will be denied access to credit and trade. It is amazing how easily we have succumbed to tyranny. Public success is determined by acquiescence—witting or unwitting—in this diabolical conspiracy. The people of the West are blinkered, leaderless and feckless. Our material and technological achievement is great, but culturally and spiritually we are impoverished and enchained. ...

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