Martin E. - Is judaism the religion of Moses ?

Author : Martin E.
Title : Is judaism the religion of Moses ?
Year : 1960

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How much do you know about the Jewish sects mentioned in your New Testament -- the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, and the Herodians and Zealots ? Were they all really God's Old Testament Church ? People assume that Judaism is the religion of Moses–that Jesus brought a message opposed to the Old Testament–that He came to nullify the teaching of Moses. It is taken for granted that the New Testament presents a Gentile religion and that the Old Testament teaches Judaism! Yet all these assumptions are absolutely false! Shocking though it may seem, history proves that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament Scriptures. Judaism is plainly and simply the religion of the Jews–a religion manufactured by their own ingenuity. The Jews of Roman times had appropriated the name of Moses as the author of their religion–but in actuality, they had rejected Moses. Jesus said: "Had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me . . . but ye believe not his writings" (John 5:46,47). The Jews used the name of Moses, but they didn't practice what he commanded. Just as today, there are hundreds of denominations and sects in what is commonly called Christianity, all appropriating the name of Christ–saying they are Christian–but contradicting each other and failing to practice what He taught! And history proves that the Jews had misappropriated the name of Moses. In effect, Judaism was a man-made religion! Jesus said that they were "teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Mark 7:7). It is time we looked into the records of history. It is time we learned how the Jews departed from the religion of Moses. We will be dumbfounded to discover that Jesus, in reality, re-emphasized the message that Moses brought–in its true spiritual intention. And, instead of nullifying Moses' teaching, He magnified it, having in view the true spiritual purpose originally intended. The time has come to get our eyes open to the facts! Judaism was not, and is not, the religion of Moses! IT IS obvious to the most superficial reader of the New Testament that a fundamental difference existed between the teaching of Jesus and the Judaism of his day. Why ? ...

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